Sample Academic Essay

An academic essay is a written work in which you need to demonstrate your knowledge and skills about the chosen topic. The structure of every essay includes an introduction, main body and conclusion.

The introduction is a very important part of your essay because you must attract audience’s attention to your paper. You can write some interesting phrase or quotation in this part. The main body of your essay divides into several paragraphs. You need to use only checked materials. You must describe different points of view in your work. In conclusion, you need to generalize and systematize used materials in short and clear form.

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Types of Academic Essays

Often students need to write various types of academic essays. There are such popular types of academic essays as narration, exposition, persuasion and description. Narration is a kind of an essay that tells the readers about a concrete event that took place. It can be such works as personal essays, short stories and others. Exposition is a kind of an essay that tries to inform the reader about something important.

Description is a kind of an essay that describes a person, event or place so that the reader can imagine the topic in clear and exact form. Persuasion is a kind of an essay that attempts to convince the reader to take an analogous mindset. Every essay includes such parts as an introduction, main body and conclusion. You must use checked materials in your work. You can use such sources of information as reference books, journals and newspapers, encyclopedias, scientific publications and so on.

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